How to Know You’re dealing with a typical Nigerian

There are certain unmistakable signs that you’re dealing with a typical Nigerian that are hard to ignore. Jumia Travel shares 5 unmistakable signs you’re dealing with a typical Nigerian. After a Long Period of Separation, You’re Greeted With the State of your Weight  A typical Nigerian will break the ice with something like ‘you’ve added …

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African childhood memories

Children of this generation didn’t have half of the fun most children from the 80’s-90’s had. The memories are countless from cartons, movies, currency, school, uniforms, games, dressing, food/snack, drinks, sweets, chewing gum, phones the list can go on and on.             Here are a few of the memories 1. …

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Daughter Of Hospital Cleaner Becomes A Medical Doctor

Please this is inspiring. Never give up on your dreams, We the children should bring Joy and Happiness to our parents by following the right path in life. Build yourself spiritually, academically, skill-wise e.t.c. Your background should not be a reason for you not to succeed in life. Never limit yourself