The Ijaw is the only ethnic nation with over 9 distinct languages Izon, Kalabari, Epie-Atissa, Nembe, Ogbia, Okirika, Engenni, Andoni, They are surrounded by big oceans, rivers with few land.Thus main occupation is fishing, agriculture, hunting and oil etc The mode of transportation is speed boat, canoe since they are surrounded with waters   Ijaw …



Most Expensive Bride Price in Nigeria


Traditional Wedding Pictures


Getting married in some parts of Nigeria can tempt a young men into robbing a bank, especially if he doesn’t have a good job or a viable source of income. Hence many men tend to get married late because they want to make all the money they can before they attempt fulfilling any marriage rites.

Here are some of the most expensive wedding cultures in Nigeria:

#1 The Mbaise People of Imo State

The Mbaise people are found in Imo state part of Nigeria and they occupy three local government areas in Imo State (Aboh Mbaise, Ahiazu Mbaise and Ezinihitte Mbaise). The major cities of Mbaise people are Ezi na ihite, Ahiara. Agbaaja, Oke Uvuru. The Mbaise people are known for their quest for higher education, hence the large numbers of graduates and professionals amongst them. The Mbaise culture is amongst the most expensive cultures to marry from in Nigeria because…

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Storms should not alarm anyone, for they have a short shelf life

People resort to crying and weeping when their burden seems to have become unbearable without any hope of reprieve. Their tears flow out of burdened hearts and restless souls. This often has a sobering effect and God is touched by the tears of His loved ones.* The Psalmist had been overwhelmed by oppression and anxiety. …

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Small Scale Business ideas and Investment Opportunities in Nigeria



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With respect to poultry farming, the ban imposed by the federal government of Nigeria with respect to the importation of live or frozen poultry birds has only helped explode the demand. To be honest with you, livestock farming in general is a booming business in Nigeria and the trend is not dying anytime soon.

With over 150+million mouths to feed daily, there will always be demand for livestock products. However, lack of technical know-how and the use of crude equipment are the major factors hampering the growth of this industry.

If you can come in with adequate knowledge and the patience to nurture this business, you will reap immensely. Now you can choose to either venture into livestock breeding of animals or better still, you can stick to livestock feed production or equipment retailing.

Agro-product Exportation

Image result for Agro-product Exportation business nigeria

Image result for Agro-product Exportation business nigeria

Nigeria is blessed with a lot of food and natural resources; and most…

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