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5 Dangers For Young Men

1. Pride “Young men, do not be too confident in your own judgment. Stop being so sure that you are always right, and others wrong. Don’t trust your own opinion, when you find it contrary to that of older men, and especially to that of your own parents. Age gives experience, and therefore deserves respect.” 2. Love …

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  A successful marriage doesn't require a lot of money, a big house, a perfect spouse, or a big expensive car. You can have all the above and still have a miserable and empty marriage. A successful marriage requires selfless and sacrificial love, honesty, undying commitment and Jesus at the center of it all.   …

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3 Ways To Know If An “Open Door” Is From God

Just because an opportunity presents itself, and it looks appealing, doesn't necessarily mean it is from God. And likewise, just because an open door looks a little uncertain, doesn't mean you shouldn't walk through it. The key is knowing how to discern if an opportunity is really an open door from God. How to discern …

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5 Refreshing Benefits of Starting Afresh

Sometimes you really need to rest and start afresh to get better results for your plans. Rest is something we are designed to do. God has both a purpose and a plan for it. So maybe it would be helpful to consider some of the benefits of rest. 1. Rest Re-Orients Our Thinking Patterns  When …

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