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‘I will like to marry you’, Mike said softly. The phone conversation had only been on for barely two minutes when he could no longer hold it in. He had known Sarah since their undergraduate days where he was her choir leader. And though their relationship then was strictly spiritual; since she graduated two years after he did, things had changed. Not a week had passed since she left school without them calling each other. She was also his friend on all the social media platforms where they chat and gist for hours on end. ‘You are joking, right?’ Sarah finally replied after some uncomfortable moments of silence. ‘No, I am serious’, he whispered; mindful not to wake John, his younger brother who was sleeping beside him. John had always teased him about his friendship with Sarah. Just two days ago, he even went as far as shouting ‘our wife’ when Mike was on the phone with Sarah; and it made the three of them laugh. ‘I don’t see any reason why I should not marry you’, Mike continued. ‘You are beautiful, you are intelligent, you make me laugh, do you want me to continue with the list?’ With back resting on her pillow, Sarah was nervous. Her palms began to release uninvited sweat. She shifted her body and lied on her belly, using the soft pillow to support her neck.

‘I don’t know what to say o’, she said with laughter in her voice; trying to play down his proposal. ‘No o, please say something, I need a response. If not now, it can be later. Take your time.’ Mike said. Sensing that Mike was really serious about the matter and not ready to lose his friendship, Sarah chose her words wisely. ‘But you know you shouldn’t be telling me this over the phone; besides, we have not seen each other for like nine months now. And I still have to pray too and be sure God’s hand is in this’. Sarah liked the feeling she always felt when the two of them talk but she was also aware feelings should not be used to make weighty decisions. ‘Look, dear, there is no need to drag God into this. He made the two of us and he brought us together for a reason. I love you and I know you love me. What else is required? We are both Christians for goodness’ sake’, Mike sounded quite impatient. His words cut through Sarah’s heart; it was the first time he ever professed his love to her in clear terms. And she knew he was right; Sarah loved him too. She had fallen in love with him three months before then.

She smiled in pleasure at the sound of the words and replied, ‘I have heard stories, and I don’t want to make the same mistakes my two cousins made. ‘Besides, I want to pray about it and be convinced; I need to be sure too. This is one of the most important decisions I’ll make’, Sarah added. ‘And even if I agree, I don’t want to have problems with our church leaders. I’ve been here since birth and I’ve never had any problems. I don’t want to start now’. She heaved when she was done speaking. Shaking his head, Mike patiently waited till she was through, unhappy that she was dragging the church into the matter. ‘Okay, I’ve heard you…’ he started, ‘but don’t blame me when things get scattered’. He managed to add, trying to hide his disappointment. Bothered about the sudden change in his tone, Sarah tried to pacify him, ‘I don’t understand you, why are…’ ‘There is nothing to understand here, it is plain enough’, Mike cut in before she could finish her question. Confused and hurt, Sarah closed her eyes and said a quick prayer; exhaling twice as she did so. ‘That’s my decision, and I’m sorry, but being my leader, I was thinking you would understand’, she managed to say. ‘It is alright then, let us get some sleep, it is almost 2 am.’ Mike spoke flatly. ‘Okay, goodnight’, Sarah said, sad and a bit angry at his manner. ‘

Good morning’, he replied. The next morning, Sarah woke up still feeling disturbed and she told God about what transpired between Mike and her. She also prayed for wisdom to get things right and make the wise decision. The answer to her prayers came quicker than she expected. And it was through her quiet time. She read the devotional she had always used and also read a portion of the Bible. It was the book of Daniel chapter 10, verse 21 that stood out; ‘But I will show you that which is noted in the Scripture of truth: and there is none that holds with me in these things, but Michael your prince.’ Again and again, a spirit within Sarah whispered the last part, ‘Michael your prince’. She tried to mediate on the verse for a while, wondering what the Spirit was telling her. And suddenly, a voice spoke clearly to her, confirming the verse was a direction from God, telling her his mind and will. The voice in her spirit also affirmed it; it was one of the few times she had felt actually led by heaven. The peace and joy that she felt in her heart made her smile and sing worship songs in gratitude.


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