How to Make Everybody Feel Like Somebody

Nobody wants to be around a negative or judgemental person.  your positivity can encourage others to take chances and try new things that could improve their lives dramatically. Avoid promising things you aren’t 100% sure you can deliver on.

In life we should always make everyone who comes into our presence feel like they matter. You know how it feels to be treated as if you’re invisible, There’s not a single person out there who deserves to feel as though they aren’t worth anyone’s time. You have the opportunity to bring so much joy and laughter to the people around you.

You have two options when you meet someone – you can make them feel better or worse off. I prefer to make everyone I come in contact with feel better off. Life is too short for anything else. Kindness and humility are a beautiful combination.

  • Smile at everyone you meet.
  • Thank people for their service even if they are being paid for it.
  • Be respectful in your tone of voice and body language.
  • Let them know how awesome they are.
  • Give them your full attention when speaking to them. 
  • Focus on their positive qualities. Don’t tear them down. Build them up.
  • Treat everyone the same from the janitor to the CEO.
  • Be kind. Always.  It costs nothing but it can mean everything to someone else.

Challenge yourself to look up and smile today. At everyone. Even the most cruel person you meet today. They need it the most.


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